TOOLS AND Resources

We've collected resources below for your convenience. We either use these resources in our businesses, or would recommend them to our clients. We find these tools useful – we hope you do, too! As with other portions of this site, we may receive an affiliate payment from these companies if you purchase their products or services. Don't buy something just because we recommend it – try it out first to be sure it will work for your needs.



Keyword Research Tool

Creating content that is relevant to your users is paramount, but there's so much competition for keywords that it can be difficult to rank. LongTailPRO simplifies the process by giving you great keyword suggestions that are actually rankable. Start with your own keywords or do a competitor analysis.



Auto Updating Website Policy Generator

Online privacy laws are constantly changing – and it's up to you to keep up. Termageddon is a web service that will automatically update your Privacy policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and EULA on your site whenever you make a change. Don't put your site at risk.



Website Web Hosting

When your side hustle gets to the point that you need a website, we use and recommend SiteGround. We've tried many different hosting providers, and SiteGround is one of the fastest, most reliable out there. SHS members get a 50% off discount their first year.